Walk Home

by Sheila Beach

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just some songs by some bros


released December 8, 2015

recorded at bareknuckle studios on a fostex 4 track
overdubs recorded at nana josie's



all rights reserved


Sheila Beach Peterborough, Ontario

noisy lo-fi pop music played through your mom's cheap second hand radio

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Track Name: All Right Now
that was someday
when we walked home
the bus didn’t run
well past midnight

that was someday
we had so much fun
that was someday
when we were young and dumb

do you remember when
the snow came down
it went right past
my left kneecap

but it’s still right now

do you remember the time
i lost my shoe
you got me home
on your scrawny arm

but you’re still right now
Track Name: Senior Discount
i need my discount
please and thank you
tell me what to do and
my head’s gonna explode

you’re all alone
but you’re still talking over me
you’re on the phone
but you’re still talking over me

gotta tie down my money
cuz it’s gonna run away x4
Track Name: Plaid Dad
the kind of feeling
can’t understand
you got yer small hat
i got my band
the world feels so flat
when u grab my hand
head on my shoulder
i still feel weird and I’m so out of touch

don’t feel much better
my hair’s a mess
mom made this sweater
does it impress
i wrote a letter
spelled out address
and now my head hurts
and i feel like I’m out of touch

the type of feeling
i can’t be here
they all keep looking
i spill my beer
just keep on trying to disappear
this room is shrinking
and now i feel like I’m out of touch

wish this could be the end
let’s just try to pretend
wish this could be the end
Track Name: Wally M
walking down the aisles
is it dark outside now?
I lost track of the sun

don’t wanna spend my money
feeling slightly guilty
but I’m having too much fun

where else do you wanna go?
nowhere that I know
let’s just stay here
all night

there’s my good friend ryan
i feel like we are hiding
he stole some fresh baked apple pies

he asks what we are buyin’
i say that we’re just trying
vacation box store paradise

where else do you wanna go?
nowhere that I know
let’s just stay here
all night
Track Name: Creep City
the moon
can’t compete with the streetlights
shine a spotlight on all the creeps outside
the moon
came out too soon

my hands
are stuck in my pockets
my feet hit the pavement
I wish I had stayed inside
my hands
around my keys
like a knife